A safe work environment doesn’t just happen…it’s planned for and worked at!
Your safety, your employees’ safety, your patients’ and customers’ safety, our employees’ safety…collectively, they are the most important aspect of any project. Without those, success is not attainable.
Led by Jonathan Hahs, Safety Committee Chair, GFA’s safety program assesses each & every project to identify potential hazards. Job specific safety protocols are developed and implemented by our Field Supervisors, monitored by Project Managers and ultimately the responsibility of our Director of Commercial Construction.
Communication guidelines are essential. As part of the safety protocol, notification pathways are established and clearly disseminated so that everyone who enters the job site is aware of the steps to be taken under all circumstances. This includes Visitors, who are required to adhere to the safety policies as established for the site – without exception.
Education and training are a priority for our employees:
  • Ongoing safety training for our workforce to ensure OSHA compliance and to regulate enforcement.
  • Quality sessions take place throughout the year for project superintendents, covering areas such as scaffolding, fire protection, fire prevention, rigging, crane safety, fall protection, and other job site conditions.
Our comprehensive approach is based on our belief that good planning and implementation will lead to safe and successful projects!