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Mariposa Food Co-op
Philadelphia, PA
Renovation a 4,000 sf bank building (listed on the National Register of Historic Places) for use as a co-op grocery. The work included restoration of the decorative plaster ceilings and coffers, grinding and polishing the terrazzo floors, and repairs to the historic façade. Amenities include new mechanical systems for heating, cooling, and refrigeration, skylights, walk-in refrigerators and freezer boxes, display and cash-wrap casework, decorative lighting and a commercial prep-kitchen. Received a Historic Preservation Award from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia.
4501 E. Fishers Lane
Philadelphia, PA
Conversion of a historically certified farmhouse and barn into a residential care facility for mentally handicapped children. The renovation included a complete renovation of the existing 4,500 sf farmhouse and the construction of a new 4,600 sf addition. Complies with ADA accessibility requirements.
305 Chestnut Hill Avenue
Philadelphia PA
Renovation and conversion of a turn-of-the-century, stone Chestnut Hill mansion into a modern, long-term structural psychiatric care facility. The project involved the complete rehabilitation of the existing building, including the installation of new HVAC, plumbing, sprinkler, security and electrical systems. The design and construction specifically addressed the accessibility, safety, and security issues that were a prime concern of the building owner.
Ridgeland Mansion
Philadelphia, PA
Renovation of the historic Ridgeland Mansion for use by the Wellness Community, a non-profit dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families. The rear porch was converted into a sunroom and activity area. Construction included a new asphalt shingle roof, bathroom renovations, a new ducted split system central air conditioning system, a new parking lot and exterior lighting, and a new septic system.
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