In 2015 Gardner/Fox completed the renovation of Maserati of Wilmington, the top to bottomdesign and construction of the Audi of West Chester, and the architectural design of 3D Auto Collision and Repair in Conshohocken. Each project required a unique design, based on the brand’s image and guidelines.

The first project we worked on was Maserati of Wilmington, located on Wilmington Pike, right outside of West Chester. The project consisted of transforming a 10,000 square foot Honda Motorcycle dealership into a luxury Maserati dealership and service center. The included the construction of an all-new 3,500 square-foot showroom and a 3,500 square foot service shop. The finishing touches were the 4 glass enclosed sales offices and a customer lounge.

The next project, conveniently located right up the road, was Audi of West Chester! We designed and built this beast from the ground up! The 48,000 square foot facility is actually two floors. Upstairs, we constructed a 20,000 square foot showroom, complete with sales and management offices, a lounge and full-service café! Adjacent to the showroom area sits a 3 bay enclosed vehicle drop off, perfect for guests who are coming for maintenance during terrible weather. Downstairs is the massive 24,000 square foot service facility is complete with 6 energy efficient rapid speed bay doors, and lifts. Perfect for the fast and efficient Audi service!

Our final project of 2015 was focused strictly on design, but certainly awesome to see when completed! Conshohocken’s own 3D Auto Collision and Repair is a custom repair and paint facility. What makes this project so unique was the Symach system that the shop was designed around. The Symach system is a state-of-the-art rapid paint machine, that can buff, paint, and dry a car in under 10 minutes. The shop was designed around the Symach system, and all of it’s robots. Now that it is complete, this 30,000 square foot building is the largest Symach collision center in the country! The project also included the additional customer waiting area, service desks, employee lounge, and reception area.


If you live in the North East, chances are you’ve heard about AAMCO. Whether it’s their catchy “double A (beep beep) M-C-O” ad or you’ve been to their shop, their company is a household name. The transmission and total car care specialists opened their doors in 1962, with 3 small shops in Northeast Philadelphia. Now, in their 55th year, the company has over 600 franchise stores in the US and Canada.

In 2014 Gardner/Fox worked with AAMCO to renovate their headquarters in Bala Cynwyd, to upgrade their corporate image. The renovation included work to the lobby, main corridor, and the conference room. The work in the lobby included all new maple and stainless steel reveals in the detailed millwork, metal cross-hatched resilient flooring, and high tech lighting. One of the unique features was the custom developed storyboards detailing the corporate history that hang in the lobby.

The Fraternal Order of Police is a labor union that represents 14,000 active and retired officers of the Philadelphia Police and Sheriff department. In 2013 they decided it was time to find a larger and updated facility for their members. Luckily, they found an old 47,000 square foot IRS building in Northeast Philadelphia, and then called Gardner/Fox to convert the massive space into their beautiful new clubhouse!

After purchasing their new building Gardner/Fox went to work fitting out the 47,000 square foot clubhouse with all of the different amenities the FOP needed for their members. This included a banquet hall complete with coffer ceilings, custom crystal chandeliers, custom sconces, full-height aluminum window dress up, and interior columns with custom wood surrounds and molding! Attached to the hall is a commercial grade catering kitchen, where chefs provide food for events, plus the lounge and bar. The kitchen renovations included the installation of stainless steel exhaust hoods, new lighting, and fire suppression systems. The all-new lounge features a custom built bar and a drop ceiling with decorative panels to accent the lighting.

Outside, the building was completely redone with a new roof coping, aluminum windows, and a new façade featuring articulated EIFS coating, custom signage, and entry doors! Now the FOP has a shiny new facility to call home, with plenty of features to keep their members happy.

Have you noticed the holiday shopping advertisements already on T.V.? In the spirit of the giving season, we’ve chosen one of our largest retail projects of 2012!

In Wyncote, PA, Gardner/fox constructed 2 separate 9,500 square-foot retail buildings. The first was a fit-out for Joyce Leslie, a women’s clothing store. This construction included a new manager’s office, storage, and a receiving area, complete with loading dock. On the interior exposed structure ceilings, high-bay lighting, and spiral duct HVAC give the store its own unique look.

The second building was constructed for multiple tenets (including specialty work for Cold Stone Creamery! Mmm!). Each store was built with EIFS exteriors, clear anodized storefront doors and windows, built-up asphalt roofing, and decorative steel awnings. On the interior, each store was complete with acoustic tile ceilings, fluorescent light fixtures, Specialty features for a future Cold Stone Creamery included slab piping, preparing to install their coolers and awesome frozen granite slab top counter!

If you ever find yourself in Wyncote, stop by for some shopping or a frosty treat!

This week we’re bringing you back to the city of Brotherly Love. In 2011 Gardner/Fox worked on quite a few projects in Center City, including Quorum Innovation Center, Energy Plus, and Avid Radiopharmaceuticals!

The first of the three projects, Quorum Innovation Center, is a flexible space used for events, workshops, conferences, and receptions. It’s used by students for studying, start up’s for meetings, companies for brain storming sessions, and basically and use you can think of. The space was designed by UJMN architects, and adopts the characteristics of an urban loft, with flexible spaces that can be expanded or divided for large or small gatherings. These are created by a frameless glass entry system and folding glass panel dividing walls. A few of the cool features are the writeable wall covers, free-form acoustical ceiling panels, and state of the art audio and visual systems with integrated dimming control systems.

The next project was a 17,000 square-foot office fit-out for Energy Plus! Located at 3711 Market Street, the office worked as a support center for the Energy Plus company which provides energy to people from New York, to New Jersey and all the way to Ohio. The general construction of the space included individual offices with glass wall systems, staff lounge, coffee bar, and a large general work area to support workstations in a Call Center and General office support staff. Another interesting feature of the project was the creation of the IT and Data rooms, which included their own HVAC systems, and modifications to the existing building sprinkler systems.

The final project of the year was Avid Radiopharmaceuticals! Avid works to develop new molecular imaging agents, to assist in the management of human diseases, by early detection and new types of therapies. Gardner/Fox completed the interior renovation and expansion of a 14,000 square-foot research and development facility in Philadelphia. This included the fit-out of approximately 9,000 square-feet of new administrative space with new offices, open work areas, meeting rooms, reception area, and an employee lounge. The other 5,000 square-feet of space were considered clinical, and included new labs, a dark room, instrument testing room, a hot lab for the radioactive material testing and development, a quality control room, clean rooms, and a quarantine room! The new space needed new HVAC systems, a nitrogen generator, and an upgraded electrical distribution.

We’ve done a lot in Center City, and the coolest part is that we’re still there! Stay tuned for our newest projects coming in the next few weeks!

Everyone loves Krispy Kreme donuts, they’re known nationally for their bright glowing sign that brings warmth to the heart of any gooey delicious loving customer. In 2010 Gardner/Fox helped bring the love to Philadelphia!

An old Popeye’s restaurant made the perfect home for the first Krispy Kreme! The renovation began with site work, including repaving the parking lot, installing fencing, installing signage, and landscaping the space. Next came the installation of an all-new aluminum roof, as well as storefronts, entrances, and fresh paint and siding.

The entire interior of the space was gutted and reformatted to Krispy Kreme specifications. The work included all new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, floor and wall tile, drywall, and acoustical ceilings to create separate spaces for production, a prep kitchen, dining, and retail area. The final step was bringing in the magical production line that makes those legendary donuts!

The franchise has expanded since 2010 but if you stop by at the Fox Chase store, just remember, it was brought to you by Gardner/Fox!

In 2009 Gardner/Fox has another studious year, full of school based renovation and construction projects. The first project was a dormitory addition and over all renovation project at the HMS school in the historic Spruce Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. HMS School provides education and therapeutic programs for both resident and day students, ages 2-21, afflicted with motor impairments or other disability, resulting from cerebral palsy or traumatic brain injury. Their campus is comprised of linked facilities including classrooms, dormitories, and physical therapy facilities.

During the project, Gardner/Fox constructed new rooms and a nursing facility on the first floor of an all-new addition. On the second floor, new administrative offices were built, and the existing cafeteria was expanded. Overall renovations to the facility included the installation of a new elevator and a wheelchair charging station! The larger facility gave HMS the space to host more students than before and provide more care to those in need.

Our next project was at The Montgomery School, which is a private elementary and middle school the serves the families of Montgomery County. The combined campus needed a new library and additional space to provide students with updated technology. Gardner/Fox provided the design and construction services to build the school an all-new 18,000 square foot library/Academic center! The new facility was built with classrooms, a vast library, and an all-new technology center (which now includes a 3D printer!). Additional features include a story-time area for lower school children, conference rooms, computer classrooms, lockers, and plenty of space for books!


In 2008 Gardner/Fox built 4 duplex rental homes for The George Woodward Company in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia. Now you may ask yourself “What’s so special about four duplexes in Chestnut Hill?” Well, these houses were the first LEED Platinum certified duplexes in the country. Put simply, these homes are rated on a scale and receive points based on building practices, materials, and products and they received the highest possible level of LEED accreditation. To learn more about grading and standards check out the LEED website here.

Gardner/Fox managed the entire development process for these unique homes. Each was designed to have the smallest carbon footprint possible. A few of the sustainability features include cisterns for rainwater re-use, precast superior wall foundation systems, geothermal heat pump mechanical systems, and super insulation. The homes were built with environmentally friendly materials, sustainably harvested lumber, recycled materials, and locally sourced natural stone.

2007 was a big year for Education in the Gardner/Fox portfolio. We completed 3 very different, yet equally important, projects in the community. This week we decided to showcase all three!

El Centro Comunal Borincano Daycare is a child care facility that helps low-income families in the Camden area by providing childcare, health services, and nutrition counseling. Gardner/Fox built their brand new, state-of-the-art, Martin Luther King Boulevard facility in 2007. The project included complete site development and the construction of a three-story, 16,900 square-foot preschool. The new facility included a commercial kitchen, support offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, and a hydraulic elevator. This location was double the size of their original and gave El Centro the space to help 165 new children in the area.

There is quite an age gap between El Centro and the next project of 2007, The Lang Center at Swarthmore College. The Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility helps to prepare the students at Swarthmore for public service and advocacy, as well as serves as a meeting space for campus groups. Gardner/Fox provided the center with structural alterations and two new entrance vestibules. Other construction details included all new finishes installed throughout the center, new fire safety systems, new water and sanitary services, and an updated HVAC system for a more comfortable learning atmosphere.

The education trifecta of 2007 is complete with Barnwell Library. During this renovation, Gardner/Fox completed the restoration of the historic high school library at Central High in Philadelphia. The work included the restoration of the historic ceiling and light fixtures, as well as the construction of all new mezzanines, a new technology center, classrooms, and an alumni archival room. The finish details required extensive cherry millwork, to match the original millwork in the space. The most important piece of this renovation was the installation of new 40,000-volume bookshelves, that’s a lot of reading.

In 2006 Gardner/Fox was tasked with a very unusual project involving cutting an existing 35,000 square foot, auto dealership building in half to create 2 independent buildings.  The reason for the separation was to provide two buildings with completely different identities expressed in radically different facades.  The end result was 2 new auto dealerships with 2 new facades, located directly on one of the busiest interstate interchanges in the region; the Willow Grove exit on I-276.

Cutting a building in half is a bit more complicated than cutting a 2 by 4 wood stud in half.  The building structures on both sides of the new 10 foot separation needed to be re-supported with new structure and new exterior walls.  The building mechanical, electrical and sprinkler systems also needed separated with new services to each.

The more straight forward aspect of this multi-phase project was the gut renovation of the two buildings to create to create Audi of Willow Grove and Infiniti of Willow Grove.  Both projects involved installing glass and decorative metal wall cladding systems on the exterior and new customer interface spaces on the interior.  Behind the scenes, the repair and service areas in both buildings were renovated with new lighting, flooring and tech stations designed to the latest efficiency standards. Both dealerships are still wheeling and dealing (pun intended) today! Check them out if you are in the area!