The Viking Range Corporation is known for their state-of-of-the-art kitchen appliances, but in 2002 they decided to expand their reach into the teaching world! Viking leased a 9,000 square foot facility in Bryn Mawr, PA, with intentions of opening their first hands on cooking school. Before they could begin classes, the facility needed to be outfitted with a theater, multiple kitchens, new appliances, and the latest and greatest in cooking gadgetry.

The major portion of the renovation was the construction of three custom kitchens, each with their own purpose. The first kitchen was built as a presentation kitchen, where the school hosted professional chefs. This kitchen included elevated theater seating, a stage and simulcast video of  the work surfaces where the cooking was occurring.

The second kitchen was a participation kitchen, where teachers worked hands on with students. This kitchen required space planning to assure plenty of elbow room for the students to move. The third and final kitchen was built for staff and employee use.  Each kitchen, classified as commercial kitchens,  required hoods protected with fire suppression, extensive welded metal exhaust duct work, and extensive ventilation systems.

Although this branch of Viking Culinary School has closed its doors, you can still check them out online here.

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