In 2003 we had the opportunity to building a 3 story medical building right in our own backyard, literally. Right over the fence behind the Gardner/Fox office sat the original The Birth Center. It opened in a 100 year old structure in 1978 and has provided thousands of women with exceptional healthcare services, regardless of age or income. In a rapidly changing medical world, it was no wonder that the original 1978 facility was in dire need of replacement. Gardner/Fox worked closely with the Birth Center architects and owners to help design and build an attractive, cost effective facility for their unique needs.

Instead of closing down the original center to complete renovations, the Birth Center chose to build an entirely new facility on the same property, directly next door. This allowed the Birthing Center to remain open and operational during construction. The new 9,700 square foot facility stands at 3 stories and is complete with birthing rooms, consultation rooms, a kitchen, reception area, and offices. Once the new facility had opened its doors, the old facility was demolished, removed, and the space was paved to create their new parking lot. The Birthing Center has since changed its name to LifeCycle WomenCare, but is still open and providing exemplary care to this day. If you’re ever in the area (or at our office), check them out!

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