In 2006 Gardner/Fox was tasked with a very unusual project involving cutting an existing 35,000 square foot, auto dealership building in half to create 2 independent buildings.  The reason for the separation was to provide two buildings with completely different identities expressed in radically different facades.  The end result was 2 new auto dealerships with 2 new facades, located directly on one of the busiest interstate interchanges in the region; the Willow Grove exit on I-276.

Cutting a building in half is a bit more complicated than cutting a 2 by 4 wood stud in half.  The building structures on both sides of the new 10 foot separation needed to be re-supported with new structure and new exterior walls.  The building mechanical, electrical and sprinkler systems also needed separated with new services to each.

The more straight forward aspect of this multi-phase project was the gut renovation of the two buildings to create to create Audi of Willow Grove and Infiniti of Willow Grove.  Both projects involved installing glass and decorative metal wall cladding systems on the exterior and new customer interface spaces on the interior.  Behind the scenes, the repair and service areas in both buildings were renovated with new lighting, flooring and tech stations designed to the latest efficiency standards. Both dealerships are still wheeling and dealing (pun intended) today! Check them out if you are in the area!

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