In 2008 Gardner/Fox built 4 duplex rental homes for The George Woodward Company in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia. Now you may ask yourself “What’s so special about four duplexes in Chestnut Hill?” Well, these houses were the first LEED Platinum certified duplexes in the country. Put simply, these homes are rated on a scale and receive points based on building practices, materials, and products and they received the highest possible level of LEED accreditation. To learn more about grading and standards check out the LEED website here.

Gardner/Fox managed the entire development process for these unique homes. Each was designed to have the smallest carbon footprint possible. A few of the sustainability features include cisterns for rainwater re-use, precast superior wall foundation systems, geothermal heat pump mechanical systems, and super insulation. The homes were built with environmentally friendly materials, sustainably harvested lumber, recycled materials, and locally sourced natural stone.

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