In 2015 Gardner/Fox completed the renovation of Maserati of Wilmington, the top to bottomdesign and construction of the Audi of West Chester, and the architectural design of 3D Auto Collision and Repair in Conshohocken. Each project required a unique design, based on the brand’s image and guidelines.

The first project we worked on was Maserati of Wilmington, located on Wilmington Pike, right outside of West Chester. The project consisted of transforming a 10,000 square foot Honda Motorcycle dealership into a luxury Maserati dealership and service center. The included the construction of an all-new 3,500 square-foot showroom and a 3,500 square foot service shop. The finishing touches were the 4 glass enclosed sales offices and a customer lounge.

The next project, conveniently located right up the road, was Audi of West Chester! We designed and built this beast from the ground up! The 48,000 square foot facility is actually two floors. Upstairs, we constructed a 20,000 square foot showroom, complete with sales and management offices, a lounge and full-service café! Adjacent to the showroom area sits a 3 bay enclosed vehicle drop off, perfect for guests who are coming for maintenance during terrible weather. Downstairs is the massive 24,000 square foot service facility is complete with 6 energy efficient rapid speed bay doors, and lifts. Perfect for the fast and efficient Audi service!

Our final project of 2015 was focused strictly on design, but certainly awesome to see when completed! Conshohocken’s own 3D Auto Collision and Repair is a custom repair and paint facility. What makes this project so unique was the Symach system that the shop was designed around. The Symach system is a state-of-the-art rapid paint machine, that can buff, paint, and dry a car in under 10 minutes. The shop was designed around the Symach system, and all of it’s robots. Now that it is complete, this 30,000 square foot building is the largest Symach collision center in the country! The project also included the additional customer waiting area, service desks, employee lounge, and reception area.


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