Gardner/Fox specializes in installing Laminar Flow equipment in operating rooms while meeting the challenge of maintaining a sterile surrounding environment for surgeries continuing in adjoining operating rooms. The Laminar Flow system’s HEPA filters direct purified air across the patient during surgery, keeping the surgical area sterile.

The operating rooms under construction are gutted while supports for the Laminar Flow System are placed in the ceiling. All structural and electrical work must be completed prior to installation of this specialized equipment. The construction crew adheres to strict guidelines in order to maintain a sterile environment, such as donning gowns and booties for the entire construction process. All personnel and objects leaving the room must be vacuumed with a HEPA vacuum system to force air away and out ductwork. All equipment must also be wiped down prior to leaving the construction area. The area is inspected by the Department of Health and  meets Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) criteria.

Gardner/Fox has extensive experience in the construction of medical projects, and is experienced in installing this and other specialized medical equipment.

Limerick, PA – A 40,000 square-foot, two-story addition was constructed onto an existing hospital facility. An 18,000 square-foot surgical facility located on the second floor of the addition includes three surgical rooms, a pre-operative unit and a recovery area. The first floor of the addition houses a 9,000 square-foot dialysis unit.

The exterior of the addition maintains the integrity of the original brick building, and includes a porte cochere over a patient drop-off area. The project involved extensive site work with new water, electric and sewer systems, and an expanded 185-car parking lot.

This large, fast-track project was completed in a very short time frame. The shell of the building was constructed in five months, and the addition’s interior was completed in just three months.

Constructed by: Gardner/Fox Associates
Designed by: Mediplex Medical Building Corporation

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