To celebrate the 4th of July this week, we decided to combine our projects from 1994 and 1995!

In 1993 and 1994 a new healthcare start-up company, Health Springs, began building multi-specialty medical centers around the country. Each facility was approximately 20,000 square feet and included independent suites for OBGYN, radiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, and family medicine. Like most start-ups, the design concepts, standards, programs, building design and construction were completed at a rapid pace. The goal for Health Springs was to develop a “one stop shop” specialty medical facility in each major city in the country.

Gardner/Fox was selected to head up the design and construction teams for both of the facilities being built in the Philadelphia area. The first project was a complete gut renovation of a 120 year old manufacturing plant on Columbus Boulevard. The existing 60,000 square foot facility was demolished, and Gardner/Fox recreated the core and shell for the new facility on the base that was left. This included the construction of a parking garage in the basement, and the multi-specialty medical facility on the ground and second floor.

The second facility was built on Old Busleton Avenue. To create the space for the new medical center, Gardner/Fox demolished abandoned homes that lined the road, creating a clean slate for the new 20,000 square foot facility, which also included surface parking.

Even with the pre-construction demolition and necessary site work, the projects were each completed in an astounding 12 weeks!

In 1995, we continued our work in Philadelphia, but moved on from medical facilities to historic renovations with the Malta Boathouse! If you’ve ever been to the city, chances are pretty high that you’ve seen historic Boathouse Row. Along the Schuylkill River, just west of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the 12 structures have served as club houses to the local rowing community since the early 1900’s. Each is unique in color and design, and light up each night as a visual treat to anyone going on an evening jog along the river, or traveling to the city down I-76.

The Malta Boathouse was built in 1860, and is the home to the Malta Boat Club. The restoration of such a historic facility required extensive design and custom carpentry, to match the Victorian detailing. The project also consisted of the replacement of the exposed timber beams, exterior re-painting, installation of a new roof, and the renovation of the existing kitchen. The boat house is still active and competes in rowing competitions regularly, so if you ever find yourself on the riverfront, stop in!


Gardner/Fox recently completed the construction of the Holman Infiniti Dealership in Maple Shade, NJ. The project consisted of demolishing the existing 23,000 square-foot showroom and building a new 34,000 square-foot showroom, that delivers the experience Holman customers expect. It was critical that the existing service bays stay operational throughout the entire process. Gardner/Fox worked closely with the Holman team to ensure their customers continued to receive outstanding customer service.

As you walk through, you will see the fine finishes and attention to detail that Holman and Infiniti demand.  The state of the art customer lounge, glass walls for all of the 15 sales offices, new furnishings, and the enclosed 8 car service drive all come together beautifully.

Service Writer Area

Conference Room

Sales Offices

Customer Lounge

The customer lounge area features an amenities station for coffee, drinks, and snacks. A communal table allows for customers to connect to a the dealership’s complimentary WiFi and charge phones, tablets, or computers via receptacles or USB ports.  In the lounge area, two flat screen TV’s provide customers with entertainment while waiting for their vehicles.  The all new LED based lighting system brightens the space while providing a significant reduction in energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Service Reception Car Port

The renovation to the service shop included quite a few technological upgrades. Gardner/Fox installed an LED light system and state-of-the-art tool benches, which include computers linked to the sales write-up team, reducing check-in time.  Fluid reels were installed, reducing the time needed to fill serviced cars with oil, lubricants, etc. The parts area received a new mezzanine and shelving storage system, which allows for better organization of the parts inventory.  This includes a lean lift which stores and catalogs parts via computer and bar coding. Finally, A mechanical tire carousel was added that houses hundreds of tires in a condensed area, which maximizes the space allocated to serving vehicles.

A Building Automation System (BAS) was also installed, which monitors and controls mechanical systems, security cameras, life safety devices, throughout the dealership.  All of these systems can be monitored and controlled remotely, anywhere access to the internet is available.

The entire exterior is built to Infiniti’s specifications, including the very unique illuminated glass “sail” and clear glass façade, showcasing the vehicles.   Access required a re-grading of the parking area, raising it 3 feet and blending it in to the existing grade.  Once the grading was complete, all new asphalt was installed and striped.

Visit the all new dealership in Maple Shade today! You can also check them out online at