1st Before

Stairhall Before Renovation Jenkintown PA
Stair Hall Before Renovation The existing staircase will be entirely removed and rebuilt. The doorway to our left will be enlarged and lead to the new kitchen addition.

Front Entry Foyer Before Renovation Jenkintown, PA
Entry Foyer Before Renovation The renovation plan calls for a new front door. The arched opening to the left leads to the living room. Dining room to the right.

Living Room Before Renovation Jenkintown, PA
Living Room Before Renovation The windows will be replaced and the floor will be refinished. The windows to the rear will be replaced by French doors that will open to the new patio. A new opening to the left of the windows will provide access to the kitchen and breakfast room addition.

Sunroom before Renovation Jenkintown, PA
Sun Room Before Renovation The walls of the sun room will be entirely removed, from the wall plate/soffit down to the concrete slab, including all framing, windows, doors, frames, siding and finishes.

Dining Room Before Renovation Jenkintown, PA
Dining Room Before Renovation Just a few changes in this room. New windows. Floor to be refinished. The existing opening to the rear entry will be infilled and a new entry to the kitchen and breakfast room will be created all the way to our right.

Mudroom Before Renovation Jenkintown, PA
Rear Entry/Mudroom Before Renovation We’re taking out the powder room and replacing windows and door. There will be a closet along the wall adjacent to the dining room instead of the doorway we’re standing in now.

Kitchen to Living Room Before Renovation Jenkintown, PA
Existing Kitchen Towards Living Room The rear wall of the kitchen (to our left) will come down to open the space to the kitchen and breakfast room addition. A new powder room will sit just behind the stairs to our right.

Kitchen Before Renovation Jenkintown PA
Existing Kitchen Towards Rear Entry Hall

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