In 1991 Gardner/Fox literally kicked this 1940’s Main Line home up a notch, by designing and building a complete 3rd floor addition! The homeowners were looking for extra space, so Gardner/Fox provided an entire third floor complete with bathrooms, living space, and a rooftop deck. The project required the removal of the original slate roof and substantial structural framing. Additionally, the homeowners chose to renovate a bedroom and bathroom on the second floor. 

In 1992 Gardner/Fox built a two story addition and basement for what is now a 65-year-old Main Line home. The new 2 story addition included a brand new master suite, complete with vaulted ceilings, built-in storage, and a new master bath. On the first floor, the addition created a new formal living room for entertaining. In the new basement, Gardner/Fox created an awesome playroom for the family, and a den to even more entertaining space. 

We’re almost back to the start! In 1993 Gardner/Fox designed and completed the construction of a new addition, and a multi-room renovation to this 1960’s colonial home.

The first phase of the project included the construction of a new addition, which expanded the dining room, family room, and master suite. As far as renovations go during the first half, the kitchen was updated with new cabinetry and marble countertops, the master bathroom received an all new marble bath and shower, and the family room had a new fireplace and built-in bookshelves installed. During the second phase of work, Gardner/Fox constructed a new front porch, new front dormers, and completed renovations to the basement. Phew! No wonder it had to be done in two phases, that’s basically a new home! 

This month we wanted to feature another new face at Gardner/Fox, meet Mrs. Ellen Grossi! Ellen has been with Gardner/Fox for 3 years and has been climbing the ranks since she arrived. Originally she was hired as an estimating assistant and has now worked her way up to a residential project manager.

Before landing at Gardner/Fox Ellen grew up in Colorado, attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, and went on to work as an assistant project manager for a local firm. Fate landed her in Philadelphia, and we welcomed here to Gardner/Fox!

Working as a Project Manager you oversee entire projects, and Ellen’s favorite so far has been one of our newest basement renovations in Gladwyne! We can’t give away much yet, but we are turning an unfinished basement into a one-of-a-kind grown-up playground (think wave tile and wall-hung toilets)!

Now, Ellen does have a life outside of the office. She recently tied the knot(and we’re still trying to get used to her new name), congratulations! She now lives with her husband and cat, Olly, in Philadelphia. When she’s not building awesome basements, she enjoys running, restoring furniture, working with Habitat for Humanity, and traveling. In fact, last year she traveled to the Amazon for an entire week and hiked 26 miles to Machu Picchu! Obviously, Ellen enjoys a good challenge, which is why we’re so happy to have her with us. Keep it up, Ellen!


This week’s project is a unique one! In 1994 Gardner/Fox provided the design and construction services to convert a timber-framed bank barn into a dramatic, open-plan artist’s studio. The barn required substantial structural repairs, which were completed with recycled antique rough cut posts and beams. A few of the new additions to the space were two lofts which overlook the main studio, as well as a custom brass accented spiral staircase. To make the studio complete, Gardner/Fox installed the barn’s first ever plumbing system, to supply the full bathroom and kitchen with running water.

In this project spotlight, our homeowners were looking for a more modern kitchen, with extra space for their expanding family. The original space was small, with very little natural light. The dark wood cabinetry didn’t help the size of the space, either.

Gardner/Fox designed a kitchen centered around a large, free-standing island. In order to accommodate the homeowners need for more space, we knocked out the wall the stood between a small family room and kitchen, and expanded! The new space is now double the size of the original.

The new kitchen is complete with bright white cabinetry, Coastal Grey quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances, but the real star of the show is the extra-large custom built kitchen island. The cabinetry, countertops, and appliances give the kitchen a pretty modern feeling, which is half of what our home owners wanted. The all-new island (designed by Village Handcrafted Cabinetry) is topped with a natural stained butcher’s block, which helps to break up the modern look. The wood stain gives the kitchen a softer, more classic element, plus it helps to incorporate the oak flooring into the space.

There you have it, a bright shiny new kitchen, that looks modern but feels homey! To see more pictures, check out the project here, on houzz!

In this renovation, Gardner/Fox transformed a 1980’s house into a 3,500 square foot modern home. The interior renovations included the installation of all new maple flooring throughout the home, and the installation of wet-joint glass windows, which provide the home with panoramic views and plenty of natural light! The renovation also required a newly designed vaulted entrance and extensive hardscaping.


In 1996 Gardner/Fox created two unique additions for this (now) 70-year-old Main Line colonial home. The homeowners wanted to create more livable space, so Gardner/Fox designed an interior addition that expanded their family room and additionally created an all-new breakfast room. The new addition was lined with windows, giving the new area a wide open and spacious feeling. One of the requests of the client was to integrate the additions in seamlessly with the rest of their home. To achieve this look Gardner/Fox utilized the same oak floors in the new space that were used in the rest of the home. The second addition came in the form of a brand new brick patio built in the back yard, giving our clients plenty of space inside and out.

This month’s employee spotlight is focused on someone who has spent most of his life around Gardner/Fox. Meet Mr. William Cavalieri!

As the son of our Lead Principal of Commercial Construction, George Cavalieri, Will has been part of the crew for quite some time!  He remembers coming into the office with George when he was only a few years old.  Some of our more tenured employees remember him walking around when he was knee high to a grasshopper.

Before officially joining us at Gardner/Fox in 2012, Will attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, better known as Virginia Tech.  After graduation, he started with us as a commercial superintendent and has since moved into the role of a commercial project manager.  This means that he oversees multiple jobs, working on site and directly with the clients, to assure that they stay on track and are completed on time.

Will’s favorite project, so far, was the massive Audi of West Chester!  The reason?  The intricacy and level of detail made the project challenging, and therefore fun.  He also mentioned that the grand opening gala gave him a little extra incentive.

Outside of Gardner/Fox, Will enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend and his dog.  In his free time, he also enjoys sailing, shooting trap, and vacationing on the island of Nevis in the West Indies.  Will is also a member of the Philadelphia chapter of the Young Professionals Council, where he networks with other individuals in the area.

One interesting fact about Will is that he is working towards obtaining his pilot’s license!  “Since I was about 3 I have always dreamed of becoming a pilot, and although my career path doesn’t reflect it, I plan to have my license in the next 3-5 years!”  We’re excited for you Will, we know if you put in the same hard work and dedication that you do for GFA, you’ll have it in no time!

20 years down and 10 years to go! In 1997 Gardner/Fox built a new 3-story addition to this 1930’s Main Line farm house. The addition created a new personal office (complete with it’s own fire place, of course), family room, and breakfast room. The addition also included the construction of two bedrooms, each with their own full bathroom. One of the key features of the renovation was the exterior materials used, we matched and replicated the stone and siding on the rest of the house to seamlessly integrate the new addition.