Trends We Love for 2018

Happy Valentine’s day! We’ve put together of list of some of the design trends that we love so far and hope to see more of this year! Check them out, and plan accordingly!


  1. Bold Colors – This year will be about anything but neutral, so feel free to push the boundaries of colors and patterns. While neutral shades should still make up a portion or your design, they’ll be taking a back seat to reds, strong blues, and vibrant greens! If you’re really feeling bold, check out Pantone’s color of the year: Ultra Violet. If you’re not up for a total makeover, try using rugs, throw pillows, and blankets to bring a pop of color to your space!


2. Vintage Accessories and Lighting – We’ve seen a lot of vintage vibes throughout 2017, and they look to be pulling through to 2018. Vintage pieces give your space a unique and personal look. They can be used as focal points or as accessories, so you can create a look that is all your own.


Photo Credit: Alec Hemer


3. Light Toned and Natural Wood – With a push for sustainable materials, comes a big push for natural wood elements and flooring. Light-hued wood (which includes natural tones) brighten spaces and hide imperfections (which makes them a perfect fit in a family home). It can also fit into a variety of different style spaces, from vintage, to natural, to minimal. Finally, it gives whatever room it’s in a sense of airy openness, which is always a plus!

Source: Flooriations


4. Concrete Accents – Crisp, clean, modern, easy to complement…the list goes on about why concrete is making its way into more homes in 2018. It’s not just for countertops anymore!



5. Black Fixtures – Keeping with the bold trends, black fixtures will take its place on the list of hot home hardware! Black goes with just about anything, work in just about any space, and are much easier to clean than polished light metals (no water spots)! While you may be saying “Oh no! There’s no place for these in my home..” don’t kid yourself! Black fixtures look great in modern AND transitional spaces!

Photo Credit: Patricia Goijens