Prepare Your Heater for Cooler Weather

Change the heater filter and the humidifier filter on your furnace. Have the heating system professionally cleaned and serviced.

Fireplace Safety

Check the fireplace chimney for creosote build-up and have it cleaned. Inspect the fireplace mortar for cracks and deterioration.

Save on Heating Bills

Caulk around windows, doors and posts. Make sure the house is adequately insulated and that the insulation has not deteriorated.

Outdoor Maintenance

Cover all outdoor furniture and grills. Clean out gutters and downspouts, especially after leaves have fallen. Rake debris away from the side of the house and trim any trees or shrubs that touch the house. Run all gas powered lawn equipment until the fuel is gone. Plant spring bulbs. Close and drain hose bibs and disconnect hoses to prevent pipes from freezing.

Check Alarms

Change smoke alarm and CO2 monitor batteries. Clean dust from the interior and exterior of the units.

Well and Septic Maintenance

If the house uses a well, check and service the pump and holding tank. Have the water quality tested. If the property has a septic system, have the tank inspected and pumped if needed.

Gardner/Fox designed and remodeled a kitchen in a twenty-year-old Main Line home. The client requested a unique space that could accommodate large parties, yet also serve as an elegant intimate space for small gatherings. Incorporating an existing pantry and walk-in storage closet into the space enlarged the kitchen. A dramatic columned entrance leads to a wine storage and bar area adjacent to the kitchen. The custom cabinetry features decorative accents that house secret storage spaces to maximize space. A large, granite topped island was installed with a new state-of-the-art Kohler sink which doubles as a wine server. Other features include commercial appliances, a pot filler, a bentwood bar and a Sub-Zero refrigerator encased in cabinetry.

This project earned second prize for the 2004 Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. National Kitchen of the Year Award.

Architecture: Gardner/Fox
Construction: Gardner/Fox
Kitchen Cabinetry: Stimmel Consulting Group
Photography: Charles Meacham

Gardner/Fox designed and constructed multiple renovations to a 1920s European-style home, most extensively in the kitchen. The clients goal was to transform their very narrow, long kitchen into a large inviting space where family and guests could comfortably gather.

Gardner/Fox architect Lars Schless merged three existing rooms including a mudroom, eating area, and porch into a 430 square-foot kitchen and breakfast room. The Gardner/Fox interior design team guided the client through interior finish selections from the early design stages through completion of the project. David Stimmel, of Stimmel Consulting Group designed the kitchen cabinetry, creating a functional, yet warm and inviting space using distressed wood and custom glazed cabinetry. A large, custom-designed kitchen island accommodates seating, appliances and cabinetry. The breakfast area features custom solid mahogany arched doors opening to a walled garden.

This project earned several awards including the 2004 Contractor of the Year (CotY) award presented by the Del-Chester chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), a merit award from Kitchen and Bath Business magazine, and first place in the National Cabinet Makers Design Competition.

Architect: Lars Schless, Gardner/Fox
Construction: Gardner/Fox
Interior Design Team: Gardner/Fox
Kitchen Cabinetry: Stimmel Consulting Group
Photography: Charles Meacham

  • July/August 2004 issue of This Old House Magazine features family friendly kitchen/family room combinations, including a light-filled Arts and Crafts style kitchen/great room with a vaulted ceiling designed and built by Gardner/Fox.
  • Merit Award from Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine’s Kitchen of the Year Awards. The Gardner/Fox remodel was featured on the magazine’s cover.
  • Ranked #16 in Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 2004 Remodeling Companies. Gardner/Fox has ranked in QRs Top 500 every year since 1994.
  • First and Second Place Awards in Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc National Kitchen of the Year Award for 2004. David Stimmel, of Stimmel Consulting designed and built the custom cabinetry for these award-winning renovations.
  • Women’s Day Special Kitchen Edition #5 which went on sale September 21st features Gardner/Fox kitchen renovation.

Gardner/Fox now offers comprehensive landscape services including the design and installation of patios, walks, pergolas, privacy screens, water features and landscape lighting.

The Gardner/Fox landscape team provides summer garden maintenance such as planting annuals, trimming shrubbery, feeding plants, weed prevention and adding mulch. Allow us to transform your garden into an outdoor room for summer relaxing and entertaining.

Our landscape designer, Tony Assetto will be happy to discuss your landscaping needs. Give him a call at (610) 525-8305.

Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Warm Summer Weather
Replace or clean the filter and vacuum the main condenser coil on the top of the central air conditioning unit. Dirty or missing filters could cause mold to grow and to be blown throughout the house.

Check for Roof Damage
Check the exterior of the roof for raised or missing shingles or flashing. Check the attic for roof leaks. Water can be very destructive and costly, leading to rotted roof trusses, leaks through the ceiling, mold growth or termite infestation.

Check Your Home’s Exterior
Look for cracks or damage to siding, wood or windows. Paint exposed wood to avoid rot and infestation. Check caulking around windows and doors and other roof and siding penetrations.

Outdoor Maintenance
Clean and repair outdoor furniture, decks, patios and equipment. Sharpen lawn and garden tools; prune trees, bushes and shrubs, especially those that touch the home.

Repair and Reseal Your Asphalt Driveway
Asphalt and sealer require warm temperatures (above 50 degrees Fahrenheit) for proper application.

Vacuum the Vents to Your Clothes Dryer
While you have the vacuum cleaner out, clean the clothes dryer vents. Lint build-up in the ducts that vent to the outdoors causes more than 15,000 fires each year.

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