Kitchen Renovation Cabinet Installation Wayne PA
There are a few things about this kitchen renovation that are very cool and that make it quite unique:

1. We love that the Meile refrigerator is concealed behind cabinetry panels, but in a different way than we normally see.

2. And more than that, we love that the handles on the refrigerator panels are upcyled from a torn-down Library in England. The homeowner found them on eBay! Instant character.

3. We’ve never seen cabinets quite like this before. Why? They were fabricated from reclaimed, worm-holed Chestnut. Excellent craftsmanship from Conestoga Valley Custom Kitchens and excellent choices by the homeowner.

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The renovation rolls along with the installation of brand interior and exterior finishes such as the soapstone sink in the first floor powder room. Don’t you just love the use of natural, timeless materials?

Wayne Addition & Renovation
Copper gutters are easily the most elegant and prestigious choice for a rain gutter system and a great way to boost the curb appeal of a home, since they can be seen from every angle. Although more expensive than other options, copper is a durable and lost-lasting material; it is more solid than aluminum, never rusts and never needs painting.

Wayne Addition & Renovation
This may seem like a surprising choice, but soapstone sinks have been used for ages! Its unique color and veining provides charm and character in any setting. Can’t wait to see what fixture they chose for the faucet. Digging the historic looking vanity and hardware, too.

Soapstone and Butcher Block Countertop Installation
The countertops are in! We’re digging the beautiful and timeless soapstone with the handsome wood cabinets. Although it’s frequently seen with white cabinets in traditional and farmhouse kitchens, it looks quite stunning with the stained wood here.

Thinking about soapstone? This informative houzz article weighs the pros and cons:

Soapstone and Butcher Block Countertop Installation
Since these homeowners bake on a regular basis, they requested a special workstation. The baking station is a little lower than the standard countertop, which makes it easier to roll out dough or knead bread.